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Web 2.0 Tools

To study…

Quizlet – digital flashcards

Popplet – concept mapping (web and app)

To enhance lessons…

10 of the best virtual field trips

5 ways to make the most of virtual field trips – eNews

Remember Pearl Harbor – WYES Electronic Field Trips

Google Expeditions

13 apps that promote higher order thinking standards

Poll Everywhere – assess students in real time

Skype in the classroom – connect with other classrooms via Skype

Google Custom Search Engine – create custom search engines to increase relevance

Blabberize – avatars

14 resources for project based learning

Skype in the Classroom – find virtual experts

Digital Human Library – find virtual experts

Lucid – make flowcharts

EdPuzzle – add enhancements to videos

Buncee – create interactive presentations that students can share with one another

Playposit (formerly eduCanon) – design interactive videos and keep track of student progress

To assess…

6 tools for real formative assessment

Comicshead – digital storytelling

Diffen – instantly compare/contrast two items

AnswerPad – real time q&a assessments (similar to Kahoot or Nearpod)

Infographic creators

Digital portfolios – Seesaw vs. Fresh Grade

CheckThis – create one page website or posters; no sign in required

Kaizena – provide audio feedback; integrates with Google and Microsoft

Formative – online assessments, classwork, or homework; live results

Canva– have students create an infographic for a formative assessment

For teachers…

20 educational resources for new teachers

ReadWriteThink.org A-Z – Blog

7 convenient communication tools for educators

Remind – send messages to students or parents without giving your number

5 Free tools for you to use in your classroom today

5 tips for selecting websites for student use – KQED

Back to school teacher tech tune up – SmartBrief

Collaboration Tools for teachers – EdWeek

Best Web 2.0 for 2016 – Larry Ferlazzo

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