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The English Classroom



ReadWorks – ReadWorks.org

A mile in our shoes – Newsela

Cloze test generators – Control Alt Achieve

Crash Course videos – PBS

Shakespeare Uncovered – PBS

American Masters – PBS

Masterpiece Collection – PBS

OpenLibrary – Free ebooks

InstaGrok – ensure search resources are appropriate, includes concept maps (also an app)

Serial podcast as a primary text – KQED

Homer reading – app and website – FREE in 2016

Sync – free audiobooks

British Library – Discover British Romantic and Victorian literature

Grammar Ninja – identify parts of speech

SearchReSearch – a blog on effective research skills

Teaching “Frankenstein” with The New York Times

Live Deliberately Essay Contest

Walden, a game

Close Reading of Media


8 of the best apps and resources for ELLs

30 librarian recommended apps

Tech/Reading stations

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